"He who jumps into the void owes no explanition to those who stand and watch."
Jean Luc Godard

Artist Statement

Probably the best way to categorize my work is “Narrative Figurative” with a lean toward “Neo-

  Generally I work in a larger scale and Figuratively, in Acrylic, Colored Pencil, Graphite and
charcoal.  Working with the human form because I feel each individuals first true emotional
response is to the one thing we all have a primal wiring to respond to.  The image of another
Human being.

   I use this Primal Response to push my Viewers into other arenas of emotion, to tell my stories
and offer my patrons an opportunity to create their own stories along with my imagery.
All of my work is “High Contrast”.  The color work exhibits High Color Contrast in an effort
to replicate colors and intensity I experienced during a Near Death Experience some thirty years
ago.  The Black and Gray work is heavily influenced by an earlier passion with Black and White

   Each piece is almost completely composed in a Dream State.  Images are embedded in my
minds-eye and will not leave until they have found resolution on canvas or paper. To complete
the translation of those images I use my own reference photos or implement found antique
photos.  Many times combining images that just don’t match up or make sense in conscience
reasoning  to convey my intended story.  These sometimes opposing images create a conundrum
for the viewer and sets a stage for each viewers stories.

   As one takes in my work my intention is to elicit a smile,  a belly laugh , or a troubled furrowed
brow.  When any of these occur ,well, Welcome to  my world.  I’ve done my job.



Practically every artist who has lived has stated their interest in art was strong from an early age.
With that, we will not buck an age old cliché ….

   At the age of five SJ remembers standing up, drawings in hand, in his grandparents living room, 
surrounded by a full day’s worth of masterpieces scattered about his feet, making his
proclamation to become an artist in a very determined voice.  And the Journey began.

  Steve was born in Peoria Illinois in April of 1955. Beginning school in 1960 he found it
difficult  due to what,  in 1968,  was accessed to be problems due to dyslexia. With that Boyd
experienced difficulty reading and with math due to the transposition of letters, full sentences
and numbers.

   Though challenged , he was blessed with the ability to “see” the world in a different way.  This
became the way of his communication.  A  world of pictures.  There was nothing learned without
drawings  being an integral part of the process.  So,  he made drawing a way to earn praise and
traverse a path  around his challenges.

   Boyd’s first “formal” introduction to art was in high school. In his senior year his school
finally added art to their curriculum.  John Turley, who is now a working artist in the North
West, was the instructor that guided him to national honors and firmly set the resolve to make art
a logical direction to follow with his life.  After high school SJ was only able to accomplish a
couple years of higher education taking on life responsibilities that demanded more “traditional”
avenues of income. But never forgetting his True Path of Life and making every spare moment a
time to practice his art.

   Entering his “ Autumn” years and the pressing responsibilities eased,  SJ has established
LIVBIGSTUDIOS , located in the “ Warehouse District “ of Peoria Illinois,  where he is able to commit
full time to the call of the muse.

  Feel free to contact Steve or visit his studio anytime.


Importance of  the Flying Dutchman

   The Flying Dutchman logo has been in use since the mid 1980’s representing my artistic
endeavors.  Discovered while studying aviation history I was taken by the text that accompanied
a blurry photo. The photo showed a man perched on a precipice ready to take flight as the local
towns people stood in the back round to witness his failure.  Not a courageous first flight.
Unfortunately the test flight did not go well for the pilot as he plummeted to the rocks below.

   While this doesn’t seem to be a positive story it had a dramatic impact on the approach to my life.

   You  see,  he passed doing something he was passionate about, something he believed in,
something he loved enough to risk it all. Even as the towns people gathered to witness his
ultimate failure. He stood stead fast to the end.

   This leads to a quote that I have also employed for years.

"He who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand and watch."

Jean Luc Godard

   With this connection made, I feel,  if one follows their passions and love, one can create a
wonderful life.  No matter how many try to convince you to the contrary.  Everyone has a
perception of  how you should lead your life. Your life is yours to live as you please.  Do so.

And this leads to my constant parting words to all I meet, and my lives motto….. LIVBIG

Thus LIVBIGSTUDIOS….. and a wonderful life.